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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  February 8, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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stock. >> this is stojdgy but stable. >> you like it? >> it's good if you like to be safe. >> thank you. have a great weekend. thanks for watching. keep it right here. number one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." these guys are a brutal vicious death cult that in the name of religion carries out unspeakable acts of barbarism. >> even after isis burns a man alive in the nam of allah the president is still dancing around the world radical islam. this game putting america and our economy at risk? i'm eric bolling well tomorrow to "cashin' in" our crew jonathan kimberly and welcome everybody. kimberly, let's start with you, isis is burning people, burying people but the white house seems to have their head buried in the sand. >> you're never going to hear this president say the words radical islam or criticize that religion in any way he's part
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of the pr team essentially saying this is a religion of peace but he has no problem casting aspersions against christians, et cetera and he's going to draw more equivalency there but will not face this terror threat head on. it's a huge problem. everyone in the world not just in america sees it. >> john, what is the issue here? does he really have to say radical islam? will that really help if he says radical islam stoo not just say it, but counter the radical islamists declaration of war against us. i saw that videotape, it is in my mind essentially the slammist equivalent of the nazi era extermination camps, it is unspeakably evil. the fact that the president won't name the enemy it's not like this is a new enemy. go back to '83 with the beirut bombings or '85 when they kicked a while on the wheelchair, of course, the cool 9/11. open your eyes the terror threat is right in front of you,
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obama can't get the words islam is out of our mouth. >> the tape is the jordanian pilot being burned alive. after that king abdullah of jordan went home and unleashed hell on isis. >> an eye for an eye. >> why can't we do the same? >> well, it's a little bit more complicated. first thing -- >> why? >> we have a criminal justice system we have -- obama -- >> hold on. >> yes. >> for people to declare war against us. >>. >> we're going to try isis terrorists through our criminal justice system? >> what obama is doing, we talked about this several times is that people from the american community who are leaving america and going overseas to train with isis we're not blocking them from coming back to the united states we do want to try them. that is the way it works in america. king abdullah is doing the same thing in jordan. he is using his boarders to try it the way had he do it there. everybody has their own system of government and we are a
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democracy. >> go ahead. >> it's a complete straw man to offer up the folks who are -- the americans who are going over to fight with isis but ultimately it's irrelevant if you declare war, if you fight with an enemy who has declared war against the united states you are the enemy. >> we're bombing them we're droning them, that's the problem. >> what effect is it having? what effect is it having sm think about the enemies we've killed -- >> the leaders have been killed, just this week alone. >> well, tell that to the folks they're little real bee heading an burning i. burning alive on videotapes they post on yoou tube. >> kimberly, should when declaring war on islamic state even though technically they're not a state? >> are they or aren't they? they actually are starting to print their own currency, they are electing government officials. so, fine recognize them as such declare war and let's get behind it, let's put some cash
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and boots behind this and eliminate them. not degrade them that is not working. we are not making significant advances. if we were we wouldn't be still having this problem that we have. it seems everybody else notice world can understand it and grasp the ee nor mitt of this threat except for our president. he has put person ideology and affection for this side it seems he's unwilling to do what it takes. >> the president is not affectionate towards isis. they're all over the place. there are a few rowing individuals using their -- using politics, using religion to justify their politics so they can take on other rowing individuals. >> quick thoughts. >> i think you have to be literally sticking your head in the sand to suggest that the terrorist threat is a few rowing individuals. eric beyond the millions potential losses of life let's talk about the trillions of dollars spent. homeland security a decade of war and the ultimate result is
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people declaring war on us beheading them. i mean, my god, if we're talking about the staff ajs in the desert we can eliminate them. >> she brought up religion into this. now, something happened this week on thursday president obama at the white house prayer breakfast said this. >> remember that during the crew said and the inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. >> okay. kg. >> this is what i'm talking about. this is a president even in his own book and who has stated on the record that he will stand with the muslims. that's fine. we want to stand with the muslims, the law abiding muslims that want to also join this in this war against terror. against islamic extremism. that's what we're looking for here. this president is completely reluctant to do so. we could be putting more money towards this, we could actually be putting effective groups, boots on the ground, to be able to increase our realtime intelligence so we can more effectively target. if these -- this bombing
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campaigning was sufficient we would be seeing more in roads. instead what you have is this caliphate controlling a third of the territory in iraq and syria. >> my biggest problem with this comment that he made, i have many i'll get to that at the end of the show however, my biggest problem was one of the reasons why president obama and the administration won't say radical islam is because they feel it inn diets all of islam. >> absolutely. >> taking terrorists and indicting all of islam, yet he justin dieted all of christianity with that comment. >> i think he was making an analogy. you know, the same problem we look at homegrown terrorism shoot shootings, what happened in wake owe, what happened in oklahoma city those were actually all christians. did we say look christians are going after americans. no, we didn't. it's not fair to blanket an entire peaceful religion. >> but nobody is doing that. >> wait. which one -- who is blanketing which religion and which one is the peaceful religion?
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>> both sides are doing it. >> i just think it's -- again, it's an unbelievably bizarre straw man to equate the wake owe disaster with decades and decades of islam i can extremism towards america. >> there have been decades of christian of christian wars. do you not understand this? >> the problem is religion to pursue political beliefs. using religion as an excuse and you are falling for it. >> the christian wars the president alluded so are centuries ago. >> who is using religion and who is killing -- >> not christians. >> which one of these hind uism christianity, is slam. >> a theism. >> which one kills in the that i am of nare religion. >> all of them have at one time or another in history. i'm not saying all right now. >> she's going back to the
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1100s. >> he was a christian extremist. look it up. this is history. if we're going to use examples those are examples. these are political groups. they are not religious groups and let's not label them that. >> the islamic state is not a religious group? you aerd it first first ex folks. >> they are political groups using religion to -- >> can we just cleef clear this up? timothy mic va didn't blow up the building in the name of christianity he blew up the building in the name of whatever whacky anti-government thoughts he was having not the name of christianity. >> but it wasn't like isis based on religion that's the thing. >> we're not pulling citations from the koran it's all fabricated. >> our #"cashin' in" has grown into social media phenomenon, week after week we trend on twitter, we consistently dwarf
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our tomp course but i need something from you. right now a request starting right this moment. we will be replacing #"cashin' in" with #wake up america, it's a simple name change but an unmistakable message to those who oppose liberty and freedom we will be heard. remember, at #wake up america every time you tweet i'm going to read a couple of your best tweets at the end of the show. coming up public health officials scrambling to contain the costly measles outbreak now some lawmakers pushing a bill that would force you to vaccinate your kids. is that fair? we report you decide.
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the measles are are on the move more than 100 cases in at least 14 states though lawmakers in california are pushing a bill to force parents to vaccinate their kids regardless of their religious beliefs. so the big question becomes should vaccinating kids be mandatory in all states? mandatory is the word. >> absolutely. forced. vaccines immunizations in my opinion should never be forced, never be required by government even for the so-called public
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good. think about where this could lead if government gets involved in scenes and medicine forced abortion, forced pills forced treatments. government's job is to protect you from infectious diseases. if someone has mumps and someone is contagious they had you had should be forcibly kwaurn teed by government. >> where are you on this. >> first thing it pretty much is mandatory in all states 48 out of 50 states ex clues mississippi and west virginia there's some ex exceptions and there is religious right philosophical right and health issues. they should absolutely be mandatory because the problem here is there's the right of the individual and then there's the right of the approximate public and public health is the largest right. we should -- your individual ex clues from this vaccination impedes on everybody else's right to be healthy. >> so why not quarantine those individuals who are infectious?
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>> that's crazy. >> you're talking about forced government vaccinations. think about all the personal medical experiences that you go through. do you want government dictating -- >> we have thwarted measles outbreak since 2000. we have basically thwarted it. >> i want to bring whim can he recall in here. almost just about everyone would agree that vaccinations in general work. >> they work very well. >> but should they be mandated? >> look i think it's very important, i take children's health seriously it should be a matter of utmost importance force public health. measles, mumps polio all these things we've been able to eradicate until now we see them creeping back in because people are very adamant about their political ideology the problem is it's affecting the health of children in this country that's where you draw the line. i don't think that people -- then homeschool your child if you will not comply with the rules -- >> hold on. let me ask kimberly she's the attorney here. judge napolitano said if you
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don't vaccinate your child and your child gets someone else's child sick and that person dice or is harmed you can see the child who was not vaccinated. >> you could sue the parents and bring a civil case against them to be able to recover damages. >> isn't that enough, though? wouldn't that be enough deterrent so that people who were questioning whether they were going to vaccinate would vaccinate on those grounds? >> there are still people who would act in disregard they would just do it anyway. if you're going to have that then homeschool your children, keep them away from my kid. >> exactly. >> think about how this problem will be solved in a free society where private schools would perhaps require folks to have immunizations. airlines restaurants would require that. that's a big difference than government forcing you to have vaccinations. >> the government has the obligation to protect its citizens and if one rowing individual doesn't understand how science works and that it's not to be tried in a court of law, science is not a legal
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matter. once that child has been affected, it can can become an outbreak and then it's way past the time it's been won in the courts. >> john. >> i don't disagree that infectious children affects individuals who cause harm to others should be quarantined, should be separated by force. >> by the government? >> yes. who else is force in this country? >> you like had a kind of force but not the other kind of force? >> do you want government forcing the type of pills you have to take, the types of vaccinations. >> it's not similar. >> the types of women's oriented issue that -- >> that's not public health. abortion doesn't cause public outbreak of measles. >> hold on. kimberly, one of the issues a lot of people are pointing this out vaccine makers, big pharma having excused from liabilities so they will go ahead and be aggressive in testing new types of drugs. other people say that's part of the problem that if they're excused from those liabilities it's making it more dangerous
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for everybody. >> it's an issue you have to look at they should bear some responsibility as well they also have an obligation to put safe products and vaccinations out and inn october lagss out on the market that shouldn't be unchecked i would disagree with that. they have to have skin in the game, there has to be liability because it operates as a system of checks and balances. >> coming up enjoy lower gas prices while you can. the new push to almost double the gas tax now one step closer to becoming reality. and if you're swrout lajd ranld tweet i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans,
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much more coming up in just a few minutes at the top of the
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hour. a democratic law maker wants d.c. to cash in even more from the federal gas tax. congressman earl bloom naur is pushing to double it from 18.4 cents to 33 cents and now word the president is open to the idea of hiking it. kimberly democrats say they want to help the poor how is it raising the gas tax helping anybody? >> every time they say they want to help the poor the lower class and middle class end up getting pinched in in a worse position. it's not making any sense. these are counterproductive, these are not good economic ideas whatsoever and it's unfair. it really is an injustice. >> the most unfair tax of it a gasoline tax affects the lower level of income more than anyone else. >> congress decided not to sfund the roads and now we have to find a pay of paying for that. the middle class every day americans hate having to repair their cars because they keep
9:53 am
getting flat tires on the roads. >> they did fund the roads. >> but they didn't fund it enough. the problem is that our roads are in disarray, the dot the funds that it's supposed to fund the roads and improvements. >> highway trust fund. >> exactly. they're about -- in may it will go bankrupt. going dote alley bankrupt. republican governors actually got together and said we need to stimulate this -- we need to implement a gas tax. >> forget the tax we just spent a trillion dollars -- >> but it's republican governors that did that. >> the left's answer to bankrupt govern run programs is always more money. especially destructive one, eric. a tack is forced we've talked about it many times it's not like when the president is going to ask you to pay for they're forcing you to pay more and the gas tax is specifically a tax on production a tax on the ability to earn wealth and enjoy your life whether you're driving to work or vacationing. >> we've got to go johnny. say the word that we should be
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doing with our highways? >> privatize. >> beng goe. coming up wake up america the president comparing a group of christian centuries ago to current day radical the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so wherever your long-term goals take you we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider
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president obama did something this week that i believe will follow him for the rest of his presidency and legacy so egregious i wrote a piece for because i am sure he will never be able to separate himself from this. speaking at the prayer breakfast president obama lumped wrist yan and islam mic terrorists together. >> unless we get oun our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the crew said and the inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. this is not unique to one group or one religion, this is a tendency am this us a sinful tendency. that can pervert and distort our faith. >> did i say lumped? my bad. he bracket cli blamed christians for the religious fan particulars who are burning men alive, burying children alive and crews fieg young boys and talking about the both in the same context is simply not okay.
9:59 am
he crossed the line in fact president obama pole vaulted over the line using some misguided moral equivalencies president obama reached back a thousand years to compare a group of christians then to radical islamists killing innocence in the name of al lay though. they killed thousands of people in the past few months alone and yet when you take christianity judyism, hin uism, whatever, their combined killings in the name of rel vonn onthat number would think zero. this is coming from the very core of my christianity, my humanity and civilized self, mr. president, save your legacy apologize to christians everywhere. mentioning christianity and what's being done in the name of islam in the same breath is deeply offensive to christians. you should know that after all you're a christian, too. here a couple of hot tweaks they're burning people alive. wake up america. all right. everybody, have a great weekend.ouncer:
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